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The weather this season has been of extremes - either scorching temperatures or deluges of rain. Both create their own challenges and stresses on the course. 

We have had enough rain to see some good further recovery on the fairways from the drought of last year. We have just ordered an extra feed for the struggling fairways to help them along further. 

Throughout the year we have significantly increased our aeration on greens and tees which has resulted in significant improvements in both. In particular, we have pencil tined the greens every 2-3 weeks which has created a noticeable improvement in their health, disease resistance and drought tolerance whilst hardly disturbing the playing surface. 

On the 27th of August 2019 we shall be hollow-coring the greens and top dressing. The course will be closed for the day so the green keepers can complete the work in one day. This work has been brought forward to August as the warmer weather will aid a rapid recovery due to better growth rates. In the event of inclement weather, the work will be scheduled for the next dry day as renovation of the greens is vital for good health heading into Autumn and winter.

The new rules regarding leaving the pin in for putting are causing some issues with hole wear. Lifting the balls out using the pin and picking the ball out around the pin is causing damage to the hole lip. In some instances, this is actually elevating it causing lipping out. Please be mindful of this. BIGGA are carrying out a survey on this to present to the R&A as many courses are raising concerns regarding the issue.

Sadly, Greenkeeper Adam Kelly has chosen a change in career and leaves us at the end of this month. Adam has been here for 16 years and will be missed. We welcome Liam Osborn who is joining the team at the start of September.

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